Bevmas 2022

This makes 3 years in a row. Hoping for some great beers

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Day 1
Range electric relaxation 6.8%
Juicy and creamy. Huge tropical hop aroma with no harshness. Goes down very easy but a little on the plain side. 8/10

December 1st

Day 2
Mountain culture room for pud 9.0%
Very rounded set of hops which lets it go down smoothly. It can’t taste the alcohol but it is enough to warm my chest. I initially got hit with fruity aromas but they seemed to die off quickly. 8.5/10

December 2nd

Day 3
Deeds add to batter slowly 9.0%
Very rich and sweet. Comes off a little bit like a raspberry muffin with those standard stout chocolate notes. Probably better for winter. I don’t think I could have 2 though. 7.5/10

December 3rd

Day 4
Slow lane whiter shades of ale 5%
I do love a good witbeer and slow lane always deliver. Has a deep belgian ale smell without being strong in taste. The taste is zesty and refreshing 8.5/10

December 4th

Day 5
Seven mile cali cartel 4.5%
Says this is a cream ale, I would have guessed a sweet lager. I guess it is a bit thicker on the mouthfeel. Strikes a nice balance between easy drinking and having a little extra flavour. Would go nicely on a beach or with a BBQ 7.5/10

December 5th

Day 6
Akasha hop actually 5.5%
Looks great but kind of weak to be called an IPA. It’s a little hoppy but not terribly so. Has a little bit of passionfruit coming through. A nice session beer 7.5/10

December 6th

Day 7
Ocean reach peach & pineapple parfait sour 5.1%
Not very sour. The sweet fruits join together a bit like an overripe fruit salad. I tend to like this more as I drink it and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. 7.5/10

December 7th

Day 8
Ballistic experimental NZ pilsner 6%
Really earthy smell. Rare to see a pilsner with so much abv and it comes through with a bit more flavour. It’s got a good malt but it’s subtle enough to go down easy. 8/10

December 8th

Day 9
Uraidla infernal dimension 6.0%
Has the full red IPA bitterness that you expect. Always I style I like because it’s rare to find. But only 1 or 2 then it becomes too much 7.5/10

December 9th

Day 10
Kaiju mutation program #0011 7.6%
Old school west coast IPA. 8/10

December 10th

Day 11
Jetty road mango session IPA 5%
Sure looks like a glass of mango. Smells fruity too, but the taste just seems to be lacking. 7/10

December 11th

Day 12
Yullis special batch Düsseldorf altbier 4.9%
Lighter than I was expecting. Blends together bitterness and sweetness nicely. Quite easy drinking 7.5/10

December 12th

Day 13
Blackmans single hop cryo 4.6%
Nice fruity pale ale but not overwhelmingly. Really straddles the line between flavour and being good for a session 8/10

December 13th

Day 14
Slipstream walk the plank 7.0%
The oak comes through in the smell which is a bit like rum. Quite subtle despite how it looks. I thought it might be hoppier but I’m happy with how it comes together 8/10

December 14th

Day 15
Two birds equalitea 4%
Very orange in colour which also comes though in the taste. The tea also comes through slightly. I’m a little bit full for how much flavour this has, I would like to try it again 8/10

December 15th

Day 16
Fixation yippee ki-yay 7%
Fairly mellow west coast IPA with a little bit of dank hops. Looks gorgeous and is really easy to drink 8.5/10

December 16th

Day 17
Garage project fool me again 8%
Easy to drink at the start but the bottom has some burnt hops. Still decent 7.5/10

December 17th

Day 18
Sunday road down the rabbit hole 6.8%
Delivers exactly what you would expect. Dark and bitter then a little malty and sweet towards the end. Not that much to bring me back though 7/10

December 18th

Day 19
Nomad Christmas in oktober 5%
Rich, slightly spiced and a little bitter but a lagerish beer at its heart. 7/10

December 19th

Day 20
New England belgo bruin 6.1%
It’s got more yeasty flavour than a usual brown. The sweetness is there but it’s not that strong. Smells a little strange. Overall good 7.5/10

December 20th

Day 21
Hop nation pura vida 5.5%
A very fruity sour but not sweet. Very refreshing and tropical. Would go nicely on a beach. I went through this rather quick 8/10

December 21st

Day 22
Banks bear county 6.2%
Not sure how this is so dark yet so smooth and easy to drink. Very moorish. 9/10

December 22nd

Day 23
Pirate life west coast IPA 6.6%
Very high bitterness levels, the hallmark of a west coast IPA. Takes a while to get used to it. Very hoppy smell and flavour 7.5/10

December 23rd

Day 24
Boatrocker wee heavy 6.5%
Strong on the scotch flavour and tastes like it looks. It’s on point for style but it takes quite a while to warm up to. Not my favourite style 7/10

December 24th

Day 25
Hawkers Bermuda love triangle 13.7%
Smells and tastes a bit like a super boozy Christmas cake. Gets a bit better but the rum is so strong it’s always hard. I think just too much for me 6.5/10

December 25th

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