Bevmas 2021

Bevmas is back again. Shirt was a present when I left UBank.

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Day 1
Mountain culture wet bandits 7.4%
Great orange and yellow hazy colouring. Mellow smell of flowers and peaches. Very easy drinking for the strength, just a little tang on the tip of the tongue. 9/10

December 1st

Day 2
Deeds lazy summer 7.0%
A little bit too much orange which brings some harshness. It’s good to start but gets a bit much towards the end 7.5/10

December 2nd

Day 3
Mr banks throw pillow 6.1%
Smells a lot like vanilla and tastes a little sweet. Pretty easy to drink but not exciting 7/10

December 3rd

Day 4
Garage project someone special 8.0%
A hazy IPA that reminds me of old west coast IPAs but with a creamier mouthfeel. Quite high on the bitterness but there’s enough flavour in there that it doesn’t matter. I miss heavy hitting IPAs like these 8.5/10

December 4th

Day 5
Jetty road dank and stormy 6.0%
It’s pretty high on the bitterness but any dank hops are overwhelmed by the heavy malts. Towards the end the hops start to subtly come through. Despite the missing hops it’s still a very enjoyable beer 7.5/10

December 5th

Day 6
Kaiju tangerine love machine 6.2%
It’s a good level of sourness that doesn’t overwhelm it being a beer. Does remind me of a bitter citrus fruit. Very easy drinking and refreshing 7.5/10

December 6th

Day 7
Big shed LUPOwheat 5.0%
Has a nice velvety smooth smell, just a little dank. Quite easy drinking, there’s a bitterness there but it’s not too high. Hard to pick out any individual flavours 7.5/10

December 7th

Day 8
Wayward dreaming of an amber Christmas 5.6%
Almost red in colour. Very rich malty flavour that lingers at the back of the tongue. Very little in the smell apart from some malty bitterness. One of the best amber ales I’ve ever had. 9/10

December 8th

Day 9
Hop nation St Nick’s nightcap 4.8%
Reminds me a lot of a standard Aussie lager. The hops haven’t added much flavour, mostly bitterness 6/10

December 9th

Day 10
Ballistic it’s a cracker 7.0%
Gorgeous orange colouring. Full on bitterness with some rich mellow undertones. A very classical west coast IPA. Despite the strong bitterness it still goes well with food. 8/10

December 10th

Day 11
Hawkers solarism 8.0%
Super dark but initial taste is mostly sour. Kind of like a blueberry tart. A pretty slow drink 7/10

December 11th

Day 12
Blackmans simcoe cryo 4.6%
A mild and balanced pale ale. Very easy drinking. Yes I do wash the shirt 7/10

December 12th

Day 13
Nomad gingerbread milk stout 6.0%
Well it’s definitely gingery. Takes a long time to get through that into anything else. Very much like a gingerbread soaked in beer 6/10

December 13th

Day 14
Mismatch XPA 4.8%
An XPA much more on the West coast side than the East. Smell is dominated by caramel. A lot of sweetness and richness in the taste as well. 8/10

December 14th

Day 15
Two birds berry Christmas baby 5.0%
So it looks nothing like a beer, but that’s ok. It’s very fruity with almost no bitterness. Luckily the salt cuts through it making it sickly without being noticeable. Really sits where I like a salted sour. The blueberry is there but not overwhelming. If you’re feeling something on the light and refreshing side, definitely worth a go. 8/10

December 15th

Day 16
Foghorn withnail rye 5.6%
A good malty rye with a heavy bitterness. Exactly what I expect from a rye ale. 7.5/10

December 16th

Day 17
Akasha Ron McClane cryo pop IPA 6.0%
Very mellow for an IPA which helps it go down easy. The perfect session IPA but with more booze. 8.5/10

December 17th

Day 18
Kind of hoppy ale with a little belgian ting. Pretty good balance between the two. The yeast comes through much more towards the end 8/10

December 18th

Day 19
Slipstream grizzly 6.1%
Interesting mix with the sweetness from a brown and the hops from an IPA. 7/10

December 19th

Day 20
New England wolf & fox Slovenian Hopped Pale Ale 5.2%
Some quite tart hops which gives a little sweetness towards the end 6/10

December 20th

Day 21
Not sure how those 2 things go together at all. It’s light like a pilsner but then has a slightly strange aftertaste like the orange zest in a negroni. Still quite crisp and refreshing 6/10

December 21st

Day 22
Sunday road Yule Fuel 6.8%
Little bit of hop burn at the end of the can. Has a lot of fruity smells coming off it. Taste is pretty good, rounded at the back of the throat and bitter and malty on the tongue. Gets better and better as I drink 8/10

December 22nd

Day 23
One drop strawberry vanilla nitro milkshake 5.5%
A lot like strawberries and cream or marshmallows. A good dessert beer, but it does sit on that line of getting too sickly sweet 7/10

December 23rd

Day 24
Boatrocker triple 9.2%
A pretty perfect belgian triple. It’s like I expect the alcohol to come through but it never does 10/10

December 24th

Day 25
Sauce stoutmas 9.0%
It’s a bit too much coffee for me. Dark and thick and goes down surprisingly easy. 7.5/10

December 25th

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