Bevmas 2020

After a 1 year break the bevmas calendar is back! A new shirt but the format remains the same. You get 1 photo each day of me enjoying my advent beer.

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Day 1
Mountain culture Yipee Ki Yay 6.5%
Beautiful thick haze but not nearly as punchy as you would think to look at it. Lots of tropical notes wafting off but it’s a rather mild IPA with hints of pineapple which focuses on getting the flavours right. It would be easy to knock back a lot of these, perhaps I’m just excited to kick off the advent calendar 9.5/10

December 1st

Day 2
Seven mile the extra mile 7.7%
Lovely colouring and a very rich west coast IPA, just enough booze to give that warm feeling. No big flavours I can pick, but very rounded 8.5/10

December 2nd

Day 3
Sunday road the holidays 5.0%
One of the darkest and most full flavoured lagers I’ve had. It’s too strong on the coffee for me and that’s dominating all the other flavours. 5/10

December 3rd

Day 4
Sauce pineapple squeak 6.2%
Damn they crammed a lot of pineapple in this without it becoming tangy or harsh. Fantastic down to the last drop 9/10

December 4th

Day 5
Jetty road mochachino stout 4.8%
A coffee beer I can get much more behind. The coffee is there but the stout flavours come through stronger and balance it out. Very rich and creamy 8.5/10

December 5th

Day 6
Blackmans needs more cascade 6.5%
A heavy dose of hops strong on the citrus. Has a nice little tang at the end that makes you want to come back for another sip.A good old school IPA 8.5/10

December 6th

Day 7
Frenchies soft tropical mist 3.5%
Has a good level of flavour for a mid strength but light enough that you could still easily keep knocking these back. Zesty on the nose with a little citrus tang on the tongue 8/10

December 7th

Day 8
Brouhaha hinterland XPA 5.2%
Fairly standard XPA, a little more restrained than the Balter. It’s good, but not exciting 7/10

December 8th

Day 9
Deeds primal horde 7.0%
Creamy and citrusy, a great combination 8.5/10

December 9th

Day 10
Lab ouroboros 6.0%
I was hoping for a bitter red ale but this is a Flemish red ale so actually more of a sour. Not a style I see very often, very refreshing. 7.5/10

December 10th

Day 11
All inn what’s up my grinches 5.5%
Very light on the vanilla but otherwise a good stout. There is a bit of sweetness which probably goes against the name. One of those beers that gets better thee more you drink 8/10

December 11th

Day 12
Ballistic mele kalikimaka 8.0%
Super smooth and pineapplly. Great hazy IPA 9/10

December 12th

Day 13
Hop nation humbug 6.5%
Strong stout flavours and a fair amount of bitterness but somehow smells sweet. It all manages to fit together 7.5/10

December 13th

Day 14
Two birds total eclipse of the hop 5.5%
Quite hoppy to start but then manages to mild out. Pretty on point for an XPA. It’s a good XPA, but there’s better ones around 7/10

December 14th

Day 15
Wayward I’ll be bock 5.5%
It’s a strange mix, dark but not a stout and malty but not to the point of a red and then quite bitter but not as much as an IPA. 7/10

December 15th

Day 16
Nomad Rudolphs little helper 5.5%
It’s trying to be both full of tropical hops and amber malts at the same time, they tend to fight each other a bit to come to the front. Each flavour tends to come to the front on alternate sips . But overall it is a pretty good amber ale, and nice to see something different 7.5/10

December 16th

Day 17
Yulli’s Eugene 4.2%
Decent lager, a nice break after a week of heavy beers 6.5/10

December 17th

Day 18
Revel American brown ale 5.3%
Nice sweet, slightly nutty brown ale. 7.5/10

December 18th

Day 19
Boatrocker life 8.5%
All sorts of strange. Usually barley wines are very sweet but this has a tang to it. Perhaps it was a little cold when I started drinking, as it warmed the sweetness came through more but without getting sickly. One of the nicer barley wines I’ve had. 7.5/10

December 19th

Day 20
Akasha talus 6.2%
Similar to other IPAs from Akasha but with a little something extra that I can’t pick. Whatever it is, it’s delicious 8.5/10

December 20th

Day 21
White bay dreaming 4.8%
Fairly classical belgian wit beer. A little yeasty, but not really that exciting. Lots of better options around 7/10

December 21st

Day 22
Red right hand red IPA 6.0%
Rich caramel flavours but not much in the way of hops but has a little bitterness. 8/10

December 22nd

Day 23
Slipstream big billy 6.0%
It’s a pale ale with a little extra kick. The tropical hops come off with a little tangerine tang. All fits together really well 8/10

December 23rd

Day 24
One drop toasted coconut pineapple nitro milkshake IPA 5.9%
The nitro pour instructions didn’t work too well but it is very smooth. Smells like a Pina colada with lots of coconut coming through and then the pineapple comes through more in the taste. Surprisingly easy to drink given all the things going on in this beer, sadly it’s a once off beer because I could go for some more of these. I really like the way one drop do milkshake IPAs 9/10

December 24th

Day 25
Hawkers knafeh habibi 8.5%
A very cake like stout. I do like how they have mixed pastry and beer. Hard to pick individual flavours but I do like it. 9/10

December 25th

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