Bevmas 2018

Bevmas was a tradition that started when I was living in London when no one had family around and all there was to do was have some beers.

When I was back in Australia I started ordering beer advent calendars and the bevmas calendar was born. 25 days, 25 beers and 1 stupid shirt.

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Day 1
Two birds double taco 7.0%
So different from the regular taco. Very much a classic IPA with a few subtle extras that really add depth and take it to another level. I couldn’t catch the beautiful hazy golden colour in the photo, but it looks as great as it tastes. 8.5/10

December 1st

Day 2
Quiet deeds pal ale 4.6%
Fairly bitter for a pale but not too much and still easy drinking . Light fruity smell and a dark orange colour. Continues to get better as it goes down 7/10

December 2nd

Day 3
Black brewing milk stout 4.6%
Seems a little bit thin for a milk stout, much more zesty than creamy. The flavour is there but it’s fairly mild. It’s ok, but not exciting 6/10

December 3rd

Day 4
Fixation obsession 4.6% Theres bitterness in the smell but it doesn’t carry through to the taste. What it does have is a whole bunch of fruity, hoppy flavours. Truely a session IPA, I could drink these all day 8.5/10

December 4th

Day 5
3 ravens xmas trifle shake 6.0%
Doesn’t have that perfect haze but that doesn’t spoil the taste. Mild bitterness for an iPA without too many really strong hop flavours. Has a nice hint of custard both in smell and taste. Not something for everyday, but a nice little treat, just like trifle. 9/10

December 5th

Day 6
Clare valley red ale 5.2%
A classic red ale. For some reason I was hoping for a brighter red but what can you do. Bitter to start but with a sweet finish. One of those beers where the more you have the more you want it. 8.5/10

December 6th

Day 7
Ballistic oaked XPA 5.8%
The oak gives it a sweet smell, not sure how that works. Nice roundness and sits well as an XPA. Easy drinking with no harshness. 8/10

December 7th

Day 8
Cavalier brown 5.0%
A little bit bitter for a brown and mostly mild otherwise. It’s not a bad beer, just not what I look for 6/10

December 8th

Day 9
Capital coast ale 4.3%
Slightly tangy smell and tastes almost like a pilsner. But one with a subtle body and no aftertaste. Good for a hot day 6.5/10

December 9th

Day 10
Big shed Astra XPA 4.9%
Fairly easy drinking XPA with a tad of sweetness in the aftertaste. Beautiful golden clarity 7.5/10

December 10th

Day 11
Stone and wood cloud catcher 5.0%
Like the pacific ale but a little ale’y and more floral. Doesn’t evoke the same feelings of carefree bevving. 7/10

December 11th

Day 12
Fairly well rounded, not too bitter. Easy drinking for an IPA and the ABV. More pine than floral with the hops but it woks well 7.5/10

December 12th

Day 13
Prancing Pony Black Ale 6.0%
Right from the first mouthful it hits you as a rich unashamedly. It’s actually not too heavy on the coffee side, more with toffee and caramel and slightly burnt flavours. It’s a smooth drink but I’m not sure if I could have many it 8/10

December 13th

Day 14
Temple Dawn 4.7%
Classic sour that’s exactly what you expect. No other big flavours, just a very sour beer. If you like sour beers then give it a try, otherwise you’ll probably be disappointed. 7.5/10

December 14th

Day 15
Murray’s whale ale 4.5%
Gotten better than last time I tried it. Slight hint of wheat but mostly just a crisp refreshing beer 7/10

December 15th

Day 16
Sydney Pyrmont rye IPA 6.5%
Best served a little warmer to let the roundness of the rye out a little. Interesting to see a more malt driven IPA, though it complements the fairly high bitterness well. 7.5/10

December 16th

Day 17
Holgate gate keeper 3.5%
Smells like a nice IPA, then you take a sip and it starts fine and ends up like water. Leaves me questioning why I’m even bothering to have a beer at all. I guess if you want something with just a tinge of hops and not much alcohol then this would be the beer for you. 5.5/10

December 17th

Day 18
Mornington new world lager 4.7%
Nice tropical hoppy smell uncharacteristic of a lager. Tastes like a clean crisp lager without much bitterness. Just a little bit of biscuity citrusy goodness to balance it out. Perfect for a hot day 7.5/10

December 18th

Day 19
Hargreaves hill ESB 5.2%
I’m not usually a fan of ESB but this one’s pretty good. Reminds me of London ales but much smoother and not like someone put a cigarette in your beer. A little nutty with enough malt to smooth it out 7.5/10

December 19th

Day 20
Gage roads single fin 4.5%
Not a lot to it. Just a very light pale ale, but it is well balanced and easy to drink. 7/10

December 20th

Day 21
Nomad red nosed reindeer 6.0%
So I’m already pissed before opening this can so it’s probably clouding my review of what is a fairly heavy beer. It’s kind of low on the hops but heavy on the malt. Just couldn’t get into this 6/10

December 21st

Day 22
Chevalier saison 6.0%
Takes a little getting used to. Strong Belgian taste 6.5/10

December 22nd

Day 23
One of the better pilsners I’ve had. It’s distinctively a pilsner but mellow enough to not let that get in the way of being a nice summer beer 7.5/10

December 23rd

Day 24
Blackmans angry reg 8.8%
Loving this super hoppy punch in the face. Lots of piney, dank hops but no lingering after taste. Going down faster than it should given the strength. Purchase only if you like strong IPAs 9/10

December 24th

Day 25
Stomping grounds wassail ale 7.5%
A bit of a hearty winter ale, which might not fit the best with an Australian Christmas. Very smooth with malt coming through like toasted bread. I wish I had a few more 9/10

December 25th

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